Flower Pricing Explained

Flower Pricing Explained

   We’ve all been swept away by the fairytale images on Pinterest. Dream wedding venues, flowers, dresses, table settings & the list goes on to the most minute detail. Only to find out it’s all out of reach. That can put a damper on your wedding plans. Flowers are no different. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes & contributes to the overall price of a centerpiece or a complex arch installation. 

 Sure there are ways to save money, such as DIY bridal bouquets or silks but what your really paying for is a designers ability to bring your vision to life. 

What factors determine the price?

 Every flower & foliage has a price per stem. Each variety is tiered in a category based on that price. This is only a guideline based on prices I’ve experienced here in the valley of California and the prices differ based on the season, the market I’ve sourced the flowers, if I grew them myself, or quantity. As you can see there aren’t too many economically priced flowers available. Which is why the most common flowers seem to come from the first two tiers. Of course if your dreaming of peonies, garden roses and orchids you can expect that it won’t be cheap. Delicate flowers such as wildflowers don’t travel well also leading to a higher price per stem. If your wanting full arrangements on a budget pick from the lower tiers to achieve that look. 

Does my color scheme make a difference?

Photo displayed are Amnesia Roses. A unique & beautiful mauve. 

   The flower market prices fluctuate. If there’s a hot color in high demand with a small supply you can expect high prices. It’s nothing like the stable prices you find at grocery stores like Trader Joe’s where you can find in season blooms for a bargain. Muted/specialty colors such as terracotta, mustard,  browns, and dusty pinks can fetch a higher price tag. Especially when it comes to roses & delicate blooms. With that higher price comes a lot of disadvantages if you don’t have a large budget. 

    One of the more common floral color schemes is white. There’s an abundance of flower varieties to choose from. From economically priced blooms to luxurious options there’s more to choose from than if you were to ask for blue. Your florist definitely won’t have a hard time finding white flowers to choose from. Whether your looking for pure white, Ivory, Cream, or green tint flowers white & warm greens are a classic option. 

Baby blue Delphinium is part of a rare selection of natural colored flowers. Blue flowers make up less than 10% and most are classified as blue but not truly blue. 

When it comes time to choose your event florals this information will allow you have a better idea of what to expect. Every great florist will be able to guide you so that your expectations are met or exceeded.

If you choose me as your florist know that you are in good and very caring hands. 

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Thank you!

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