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Glorified CSA but Better!

If you’ve ever been around the farming world you’ve heard the phrase CSA thrown around. This stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Community members such as yourselves are pledging to support me and my business. This allows me to have some capital up front for expenses, supplies, seeds, etc. 

I’ve decided to offer this opportunity to provide exclusive access to the best from my yields & addional perks to help support my farming efforts. These perks may include free items I may be launching or special discount offers. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. 

My goal as the owner of Blushing Dahlia is to set myself apart from all of the other local florists by making a positive impact on the community. I have a passion for restoring native Habitat to benefit our home gardening efforts. Planting more native plant species & educating others on the importance of such a small change is something that I desire to do. Help me to make this dream a reality. I am looking for a small community of people who have to same desires to make a change and growing more diversity here in Kern County. 

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